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Comparison of knee joint space and cartilage before and after three weeks of treatment.

Arthritis Is A Pandemic

Arthritis Is A Pan-demic

Arthritis and joint pain affect millions of people worldwide, diminishing their quality of life and hindering their ability to enjoy daily activities.

Arthritis is the most common cause of disability in America, affecting 58.5 million adults.

By 2030, this number is expected to rise to 67 million.

Line graph showing diagnosed and projected arthritis cases in millions, from 2000 to 2040.

Data shows $303.5 billion is attributed to arthritis annuall.

Highlighting the critical need for effective management solutions.

Opioids vs Arthritis

Prescription bottles and pills with a skeleton and medical diagrams in the background.

The challenge many adults with arthritis face is being prescribed opioids as the primary solution.

While opioids can provide relief, they come with serious health risks like respiratory depression, constipation, and nausea.

Even more concerning, opioids can be highly addictive, leading to physical dependence and the danger of overdose.

There are also NSAIDs (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) like ibuprofen and naproxen. Which are commonly used to treat arthritis pain.

However, these medications have their own set of side effects including stomach ulcers, heartburn, and increased risk of stroke or heart attack.

The Never Ending Cycle Of Trying New Things

Many people explore alternative therapies or quick fixes, like hot tubs, heating pads, or morning exercises.

While these might offer temporary relief, they often fall short in the long run.

Others may try physical the-rapy and specialized exercises, which can be effective but demand significant commitment and time.

Balancing work, life, and family can make it challenging to stay dedicated to these routines.

The Root Cause Of Arthritis

Sooner or later, the pain returns with a vengeance.

Why? Because none of these solutions target the problem at its ROOT.

Understanding and addressing the core issue is crucial for lasting relief and improved quality of life.

But here's where it gets tricky: arthritis doesn't have just one root cause.

And that's where many solutions fall short.

Some treatments might be excellent for reducing inflammation, while others focus on preventing cartilage degradation.

Still, others target joint stiffness or muscle weakness. Each of these factors plays a role in arthritis, and addressing only one aspect won't provide lasting relief.

Understanding this complexity is key to finding comprehensive and effective solutions.

Illustration of a human knee joint with a red circle highlighting pain or inflammation.

1. Increased Inflammation

This can cause pain and swelling, leading to discomfort and reduced mobility.

Often a response to injury or infection, inflammation can become chronic and worsen joint issues over time

Illustration of a human knee joint with cartilage detail.

2. Cartilage Degradation

Cartilage is the cushion between your bones. When this cushion breaks down, it can result in joint pain and stiffness.

Over time, it can lead to conditions like osteoarthritis.

Illustration of a human knee joint with a red circle highlighting pain or inflammation.

3. Diminished Synovial Fluid Production

Synovial fluid lubricates the joints and reduces friction during movement.

As we age its production natually starts to decrease.

For women this change can be influenced by estrogen fluctuations

Abstract black and white circuit board design.

4. Decreased Tissue Elasticity

Over time, joint tissues can lose their elasticity, limiting movement and flexibility.

Age, lack of exercise, or certain medical conditions may contribute

So what is the solu-tion to managing arthritis?

So what is the solution to managing arthritis?

The answer lies in Eggshells

This might come as a surprise, but eggshell membrane (the thin white layer you notice after peeling a boiled egg) is a treasure trove of two rare types of collagen.

Alongside a cavalry of naturally occurring proteins that are absolutely essential for managing arthritis.

Imagine a life free from constant, nagging pain, where you can fully engage in activities that bring joy and meaning.

This isn't a distant dream—it's the promise our innovative solution brings to the table.

Eggshell Mem-brane At Work

Eggshell Membrane At Work

Histological section of joint showing labeled joint space and cartilage in blue stain.

This is how an arthritic knee would look like on a close-up look.

You can clearly notice how the space between cartilage is so thin , almost non-existent.

This is one of the main characteristics of arthritis and it is known as joint space narrowing.

As a result, bones start rubbing against each other causing pain, stiffness, and inflammation in the affected area.

And this goes for any infected joint in the body whether it's knees, hips, shoulders, elbows, fingers...etc.

Next notice the dark blue bits that's the cartilage, notice how thin and degraded they are.

Moreover, bone spurs or osteophytes may also be present around the edges of the joint, further contributing to pain and discomfort.

Microscopic image indicating joint space and cartilage with labeled pointers.

In this second scan, you can clearly notice how the space between cartilage is starting to grow wider, giving the bones more room to breathe.

You will also notice the cartilage which is the dark blue areas is getting thicker.

These results are no coincidence.

Considering how eggshell membrane is packed with what only be called nutritional goldmine.

It's like having a personal repair crew available 24/7, working tirelessly to keep your joints in tip-top shape.

Collagen type 5: The Structural Sentinel

  • What it does: Acts as the framework for your joint tissues, providing essential support and strength.

  • Superpower: Reinforces the integrity of your joints, reducing wear and tear from daily activities.

Collagen X: The Cartilage Crafts-man

  • What it does: Specializes in the formation and maintenance of cartilage, ensuring it remains healthy and resilient.

  • Superpower: Promotes the repair and regeneration of joint cartilage, helping to prevent stiffness and discomfort.

Abstract geometric design with intertwined black lines and blue dots on a pink background.

Elastin: The Stretchy Hero

  • What it does: Gives your joint tissues the ability to stretch and bounce like a rubber band.

  • Superpower: Increases flexibility and range of motion, less "ouch" and "oops" moments.

Cartoon of a simple molecular structure with colorful atoms connected by bonds on a black background.

Glycosaminoglycans: The Hydra-tion Station

  • What it does: Works like your joints’ personal water bottle, keeping them hydrated and smooth.

  • Superpower: Ensures your joints glide effortlessly.

'Icon of abstract DNA double helix with red dots on a black background.'

Chondroitin & Glucosamine: The Construction Buddies

  • What they do: They’re the builders and fixers, making sure your cartilage is cushy and cozy.

  • Superpower: Keep your bones from going "clack-clack" on each other and help cool down any fiery inflammation.

We packed all of these nutr-ients in one bottle.

A tasteless powder with 30 servings, that mixes smoothly with any beverage, and leaves no aftertaste.

We call it GreenShell Collagen

Clinically Proven To Work

Over 64 doctors from around the globe have come together in a groundbreaking initiative, conducting 13 diverse clinical studies.

Their exploration into this natural ingredient highlighted its incredible benefits

Graphic with text about the benefits of joint flexibility and a check mark.Text graphic about reducing joint pain by 40.6% in 10 days with a checkmark.
Graphic stating 'Reducing joint pain by 66.4% in 30 days' with a checkmark.'Graphic stating joint stiffness reduction percentages with a tick mark.'
Graphic with text: 'Reduces inflammation, which further eases pain and discomfort' and a check mark.Text 'Minimizes cartilage degradation for better long-term joint functionality' with a checkmark.

Prevention Is Better Than Surgery

Collagen supplement versus surgical tools in an operating room, comparative imagery with a 'vs' symbol.

About 790,000 total knee replacements and 544,000 hip replacements are done in the U.S every year.

A knee replacement costs about $20,000, which is like 63 years worth of GreenShell collagen supply.

A hip replacement costs about $40,000, or 126 years worth of GreenShell collagen.

But costs aside, surgery is an invasive and scary procedure, it literally requires cutting a part of the body and replacing it with a prosthetic.

Although the success rates are higher than ever, thanks to technological advancement.

Many people who undergo surgery get a sense of heightened vulnerability after.

Constantly worrying that the wrong move could result in drastic outcomes.

It feels like walking on eggshells.

Collagen supplement versus surgical tools in an operating room, comparative imagery with a 'vs' symbol.

Why wait until it's too late?

With GreenShell Collagen, you can take control of your joint health now and avoid the need for surgery at a fraction of the price.

Don't just take our word for it - read the testimonials from .

Who have experienced life-changing results after using GreenShell Collagen.

Join them in living a pain-free, active lifestyle by incorporating product into your daily routine.

Don't let joint pain hold you back any longer; try GreenShell Collagen today and experience the difference for yourself! Keep moving forward with ease and vitality.

Real Stories/Real Results

"...climbing the stairs wasn't as hard anymore. I could bend over to tie my shoes without wincing... And I got back to my garden, planting seeds for the spring. Also, those painkillers I used to take all the time became less essential."

Sophie A., 54, US

Smiling woman with glasses and purple earrings.

"The pain isn’t completely gone. It's still there, but it's more like a whisper instead of a shout.
The stiffness is way less! I'm not exactly auditioning for So You Think You Can Dance, but I can move around more freely."

Debra B., 50, US

Woman smiling at camera, holding a container of Greenshell Collagen supplement.

"The difference it made in my life wasn't just physical; it was mental and emotional too. I started feeling more like my old self again, with the energy and vitality to enjoy the activities I love!"

Lucy W., 48, US

Woman sitting outdoors holding a product smiling at the camera.

“I can finally catch up on my sleep. I missed a few episodes... it feels like I've skipped a whole season!”

Chopra W., 45, US

"3 weeks in. I take it daily in my morning coffee. my hips are in much better condition. sleep as well"

Laura, 54, US

“I recently took a very long walk, just because I can now”

Elizabeth O., 61, US

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