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Crafted with Love & Science to empower women through menopause and help them overcome the chains of Joint Pain

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"...climbing the stairs wasn't as hard anymore. I could bend over to tie my shoes without wincing... And I got back to my garden, planting seeds for the spring. Also, those painkillers I used to take all the time became less essential."

Sophie A., 54, US

Smiling woman with glasses and purple earrings.

"The pain isn’t completely gone. It's still there, but it's more like a whisper instead of a shout.
The stiffness is way less! I'm not exactly auditioning for So You Think You Can Dance, but I can move around more freely."

Debra B., 50, US

Woman smiling at camera, holding a container of Greenshell Collagen supplement.

"The difference it made in my life wasn't just physical; it was mental and emotional too. I started feeling more like my old self again, with the energy and vitality to enjoy the activities I love!"

Lucy W., 48, US

Woman sitting outdoors holding a product smiling at the camera.

“I can finally catch up on my sleep. I missed a few episodes... it feels like I've skipped a whole season!”

Chopra W., 45, US

"3 weeks in. I take it daily in my morning coffee. my hips are in much better condition. sleep as well"

Laura, 54, US

“I recently took a very long walk, just because I can now”

Elizabeth O., 61, US

Women suffer the most from joint pain

Almost every woman exper-iences some form of joint discomfort after the age of 45.

Whether it's knees, elbows, hips, or fingers, it can greatly impact daily activities, making the simplest of tasks challenging.

Beyond physical discomfort, constant pain can impact mental health too. We've heard countless stories where the body starts to feel like a prison, or like chains holding you down.

Illustration of estrogen levels during different life stages, with animated women representing premenopause to postmenopause.

Women experience joint pain more often and far worse than men, primarily due to hormonal fluctuations.

You see, as the body prepares to enter menopause, estrogen levels decline. Which lead to several undersirable out-comes:

Illustration of a human knee joint with a red circle highlighting pain or inflammation.

1. Increased Inflammation

Estrogen has anti-inflammatory properties. When it drops. it leads to a heightened inflammatory response.

Illustration of a human knee joint with cartilage detail.

2. Cartilage Degradation

Estrogen helps maintain cartilage, the tissue that cushions joints.

Lower estrogen levels can lead to cartilage breakdown, causing conditions like osteoarthritis, where joints become painful and swollen due to cartilage wear and tear.

Illustration of a human knee joint with a red circle highlighting pain or inflammation.

3. Diminished Synovial Fluid Production

Synovial fluid lubricates the joints and reduces friction during movement.

Estrogen contributes to the production of this fluid.

Lower estrogen levels can reduce synovial fluid production, leading to joint stiffness and discomfort.

Four panels depicting stick figures experiencing joint pain in various body parts.

4. Pain Sensitivity

Estrogen influences pain perception. Lower estrogen levels can make you more sensitive to pain, exacerbating the discomfort felt in the joints.

Abstract black and white circuit board design.

5. Decreased Tissue Elasticity

With reduced collagen synthesis, the elasticity of connective tissues dimi-nishes.

This can make tissues more prone to tears and injuries.

Dangers of Joint Pain/Arthritis in the Long Term

If left unmanaged, joint pain can lead to further comp-lications such as osteoarthritis, heart disease, or diabetes.

Approximately half of all adults with heart disease or diabetes had arthritis. Nearly one-third of adults with obesity also had arthritis or some form of joint pain.

Managing these conditions is much harder when mobility is compromised.

An even bigger problem is that joint pain is often seen as a normal part of aging, and many women brush it off as just another symptom they have to live with.

However, this mentality can be damaging in the long run as early detection and treatment is crucial.

The never ending cycle of trying new things

After some time, you'll ask friends and family, or turn to the internet for advice.

You might try hot tubs, heating pads, or morning exercises, which might help temporarily. But nothing lasts for long.

Frustrated, you might try physical therapy or "special" exercises, but they need lots of commitment and time.

Balancing work, life, and family makes it tough to stay committed.

Painkillers are an easy option but come with serious long-term side effects. We're talking about serious liver, kidney, nervous system damage (the list is much longer)

The Birth of GreenShell Collagen

Devastated, many women turned to us looking for an effective long-term solution, and it's safe to say that we didn't disappoint.

So how did we approach this?

Well, after many late nights and tireless research.

In the depths of the scientific journals and ancient wisdom 😂

Examining different candidates. We stumbled upon the answers we were seeking by pure chance.

Our magic potion turned out to be Eggshells. Yup, you read that right.

Surprisingly, our research unveiled that eggshells hold a rare type of collagen.

But let's clarify – it’s not the eggshell itself; it’s that thin white layer clinging to the shell, the one you see peeling off when you boil an egg. It's called eggshell membrane.

It's boring, right?

Now, we could have just as easily made up a fake story to spice our sales pitch up

Claiming that we discovered a miraculous potion in an ancient Japanese remedy or a mix of rare herbs that absolutely bear no benefit, backed by no evidence, just paid actors spouting nonsense and fake testimonials.

But we chose not to, for two key reasons.

First, because this is real and it works. Our mission is to help real people like you, who are grappling with the physical and mental tolls of joint pain, and the long-term effects if left unmanaged.

We're not here to scam anyone or to push you into buying more bottles with empty promises of results after months of use.

And second, because we believe in science, the power of research, and proven clinical results.

Believe it or not, Eggshell Membrane was the best candi-date to check all of our boxes.

Over 64 doctors from around the globe have come together in a groundbreaking initiative, conducting 13 diverse clinical studies.

Their exploration into this mysterious ingredient highlighted its incredible benefits

Graphic with text about the benefits of joint flexibility and a check mark.Text graphic about reducing joint pain by 40.6% in 10 days with a checkmark.
Graphic stating 'Reducing joint pain by 66.4% in 30 days' with a checkmark.'Graphic stating joint stiffness reduction percentages with a tick mark.'
Graphic with text: 'Reduces inflammation, which further eases pain and discomfort' and a check mark.Text 'Minimizes cartilage degradation for better long-term joint functionality' with a checkmark.

These benefits are clinically proven. Results of real human trials, overseen by real scientists.

You can find links to the official medical studies down below

Eggshell Membrane = Team of Super heros

After multiple studies on Eggshell Membrane revealed astonishing results, it became clear this ingredient could counter joint discomfort unlike any other.

Scientists discovered the secret behind its power: a nutritional goldmine, a team of super heros working in perfect harmony to support your joints:

Collagen type 5: The Structural Sentinel

  • What it does: Acts as the framework for your joint tissues, providing essential support and strength.

  • Superpower: Reinforces the integrity of your joints, reducing wear and tear from daily activities.

Collagen X: The Cartilage Crafts-man

  • What it does: Specializes in the formation and maintenance of cartilage, ensuring it remains healthy and resilient.

  • Superpower: Promotes the repair and regeneration of joint cartilage, helping to prevent stiffness and discomfort.

Abstract geometric design with intertwined black lines and blue dots on a pink background.

Elastin: The Stretchy Hero

  • What it does: Gives your joint tissues the ability to stretch and bounce like a rubber band.

  • Superpower: Increases flexibility and range of motion, less "ouch" and "oops" moments.

Cartoon of a simple molecular structure with colorful atoms connected by bonds on a black background.

Glycosaminoglycans: The Hydra-tion Station

  • What it does: Works like your joints’ personal water bottle, keeping them hydrated and smooth.

  • Superpower: Ensures your joints glide effortlessly.

'Icon of abstract DNA double helix with red dots on a black background.'

Chondroitin & Glucosamine: The Construction Buddies

  • What they do: They’re the builders and fixers, making sure your cartilage is cushy and cozy.

  • Superpower: Keep your bones from going "clack-clack" on each other and help cool down any fiery inflammation.

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Remember, your joy is our success, and if you're not over the moon with your experience, then our mission isn't complete.

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