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- How To Use EarlyBird -

1. Fill your shaker with water

2. Add 1 scoop of EarlyBird

3. Shake and put on your nightstand

4. When alarm goes off, shake & drink!

Then, feel your brain turn on and be ready to Get Sh*t Done!

Why It Works

1) Supercharged Hydration

Our high-quality electrolytes help deliver the hydration your body needs to function optimally. It's like drinking supercharged water.

2) Clean Energy

A unique blend of green coffee bean extract, antioxidants, L-Theanine, and L-Tyrosine. This blend quickly eliminates the impulse to hit snooze and fills your morning with energy (without the crash).

3) Increased Motivation

The powerful combination of patented nootropics, Ashwagandha, Theobromine, and CoffeeBerry gives you the ability to move through your morning with smiles and motivation.

Here's Where The Magic Happens


Bringing supercharged hydration when your body needs it the most, and also helping optimize nerve function for improved focus


Powerhouse blend of ingredients shown to promote mental sharpness and minimize brain fog


The most potent form of Ashwagandha available - shown to combat that annoying morning brain fog while promoting calmness


Amino Acid found in tea leaves that promotes smooth energy and intense focus, all day long


Alkaloid found in chocolate! Giving a longer-lasting energy boost than caffeine and a fuzzy feel-good feeling without any sugar or caffeine crash


Non-GMO, sustainably-grown and ethically-farmed form of caffeine extracted from green coffee beans gives you a quick mental jumpstart that lasts


This patented coffee-berry provides 307% better focus and enhanced mood than coffee alone


Antioxidant-dense superfood shown to improve memory and make all ingredients more bioavailable (boosting EarlyBirdโ€™s effects)


Shown to improve mental performance, increase production of feel-good hormones, enhance alertness and memory

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